Dead Island Gets Set with Launch Trailer

Have Deep Silver breathed life into this undead genre?

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Dead Island

Zombie games, for this gamer, have gotten tired. There, I've put it out right in front of you. I'm fatigued with the genre as a whole. In fact, the only thing still garnering my attention is The Walking Dead; I'm talking comics. The trailer for the second season of the show on AMC? Nope, didn't get me jonesing.

But I got to see Dead Island with our own Erik Norris at E3 this past June. I spent nearly an hour with the game. And I can tell you this: it's not your typical zombie hack n' slash…

Well, sure, you do hack and slash at zombies. But this game feels longer, bigger, more open, more free, more story-set. That's indicated by the European launch trailer you see above. The haunting music, the emphasis on dialogue and characters. Those things, hopefully, take center stage in this zombie caper.


If I've learned anything from the zombie series that still interests me, we're back to The Walking Dead now, it's that the flesh eating horde shouldn't be the focus of the story. It should be a present danger, but it shouldn't be all players care about.

Instead, the story should be focused on survival, the mystery of the plague itself and how the characters will deal with it. That's what makes zombies interesting, not gore.

If Dead Island pulls that off, I'm sold.

Dead Island launches for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 6th.