Watch: XCOM E3 Demo

Let your eyes ogle over ten glorious minutes of gameplay from 2K Marin’s upcoming sci-fi shooter.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


We saw a lot of games at E3 this past June. Too many to remember them all, in fact. But one game we definitely can’t shake from our minds is 2K Marin’s XCOM. We’ll admit, we weren’t expecting much as we were ushered into a demo room made to look like a 1960s war room. But the squad-based gameplay, 1960s visual aesthetics, RPG elements and aliens that look entirely unique sold us on what XCOM is slinging. We left E3 with XCOM as one of our favorite titles of the show.

Now, 2K Marin has released the same demo we saw at E3 to the general public in video form, which you can watch below. Jordan Thomas, narrative director on XCOM, and Harvey Whitney, producer on XCOM, lead you through the ten minute demo which touches on everything awesome about the game that I mentioned above. Hopefully the trailer will end and you’ll be as excited for the game as we are.