NBA Player Interning at Funny or Die

Last season’s Rookie of the Year has a backup plan, just in case there is an extended lockout.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

With next year’s NBA season completely up in the air thanks to the lockout, many of the league’s players are looking for other ways to keep busy and make ends meet.  Some are going to Europe to play professional basketball.  Some are looking towards Hollywood to start an acting career.  Hell, even Delonte West applied at Home Depot making less than $12 an hour.

But last season’s Rookie of the Year, Blake Griffin is pursuing another possible career path.  The Los Angeles Clippers forward will work as an intern at the website Funny or Die, in the hopes of learning video production.  He will have other duties as well and is expected to write, edit and act for specific sketches.

"Just to get an inside look at how things are run here is exciting to me," Griffin told the Associated press. "I don't know what interns at Funny or Die are like, but I'm about to find out, I guess."

Funny or Die is a comedy website which creates digital videos that usually have celebrity guest appearances and was co-founded by actor Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay.  The 22-year-old Griffin admitted that he frequents Funny or Die with regularity, which is not uncommon for men his age as they are in the site’s primary age demographic. 

Griffin hopes to learn more about film production and how things at the website are run.

But this is only temporary, until the NBA can get these lockout shenanigans figured out, because the former first overall pick is still in the last season of his contract with the Clippers which is worth $5.7 million.  Last season, Griffin averaged 22.5 points and 12.1 rebounds per game and even won the Slam Dunk Contest. He was one of the few bright spots the Clippers had as he earned Rookie of the Year honors and is building towards become one of the NBA’s elite players.

But now he is the low man on the totem pole and must adhere to his intern duties which might often include fetching coffee.  And if Will Ferrell wants a juice box, he better get him one.  We all saw what happened when Mike Ditka refused to do so as his assistant.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.