Watch: Incredible Portal 2 Short Film

This live-action short is possibly as close as we’ll ever get to seeing a Portal film. Soak it in.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Director Dan Trachtenberg has put together an impressive seven minute Portal film with the help of composer Mike Zarin and actor Danielle Rayne. The short was original shown at San Diego Comic-Con, but has since surfaced online in stunning 1080p.

Portal: No Escape, as the short is being called, features some damn fine special effects work, and manages to perfectly capture the mood and atmosphere of the Portal universe. Honestly, the only thing missing is cake.

With this short, Trachtenberg deserves some attention. Valve has made it abundantly clear that no one outside themselves will ever be making a Valve-property film. And since the company is too busy making games, the odds of us seeing a Portal flick, or Half-Life for that matter, are slim to none. But maybe Valve will see the above short and reconsider. It looks like Mr. Trachtenberg knows what makes Portal… well… Portal. Don’t you agree?