NHL Goaltender Rocks Iron Maiden Mask

See which goaltender will pay homage to Maiden as he gets ready for his team’s first game in 15 years.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

When Iron Maiden released its fifth studio album – Powerslave – in 1984, Winnipeg Jets goaltender Chris Mason was eight-years-old but it must have left an impression on him over the years because he had his new mask painted as a tribute to one of the album’s singles.

Mason will be the first goaltender to suit up for the Jets in 15 years, after the team moved to Phoenix in 1996, which was followed by the league announcing this past spring, that the Atlanta Thrashers were relocating to Winnipeg and that the franchise would once again be called the Jets.  Mason has looked forward to his new home since the news became official and knew he would need new equipment to match the Jets’ color scheme.  He decided that he would stick with the Jets theme for his new mask and he eventually settled on Iron Maiden mascot “Eddie”, as he appears on the artwork for the single Aces High.

Yesterday the Jets’ Twitter account posted this picture for fans to get their first glance of the mask:

Mason recently spoke with InGoal Magazine about the process of coming up with his new mask, saying:

"We went back and forth, lots of phone calls, and I sent Steve some sketches and he did some art and sent him back and we mulled over a bunch of different ideas, and then he came up with the Iron Maiden Eddie in the old fighter jet and I thought it was perfect and I loved the image and thought that was really appropriate for the Jets," Mason said of the band's famous mascot.

"I'm a fan of a few songs and Aces High is one song I really like too, so it's kind of perfect I like the song and the artwork for the single was this Eddie in a plane."

Of course, Mason is not the first goaltender to have his mask influenced by various musical artists.  It has become a popular trend in the NHL these days, however Mason has made it clear that he will have a different mask if the Jets decide to wear retro uniforms this season.

How does Mason’s new mask stack up to some of your favorites?