Marvel Teasers: Destroy!

More new Marvel teasers today, including a big slobberknocker and more of the "guess the mutants' game for the X-Titles.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker


So, rather than full previews lately, Marvel's been sending out these little teaser images for the last few weeks.  Fun but not quite as meaty – just like the Marvel presenation at D23 yesterday morning, which amounted to little more than Joe Quesada explaining the history of Marvel to Disney freaks. 

So we've got one big slam-bang humdinger of an image here simply entitled Destroy.  Looks like fun, don't it?


Devil Dinosaur, She-Hulk, Thing, A-Bomb, Beast and, uh… big head dude that looks like it could be the Bi-Beast missing one of its Skull-Brothers.  I bet I should know who that is, but I don't offhand.  Care to enlighten me?  And is this a miniseries, an ongoing, an event?  What?

Also, it's time for another round of 'guess the mutant silhouettes,' which means we're not supposed to quite know who is going to wind up in which title after the events of X-Men: Schism.  So let the Regenesis speculation continue with this image from New Mutants.

New Mutants