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Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Hey Cravers,

It’s me SamProof and I’m back… more or less. I’ve been away on my honeymoon having a terrible time in Spain. But I’m back for Phase 2 of my honeymoon which puts me in closer proximity to my computer, so that I can start finding you all the funny videos and web comics being featured and twitted on the web today! And stick around to the Funny Pages, because I’ve got some new things coming in the future to make it even more fun and funny. But for now, enjoy these front page makers.

                                                                     –   Love Samproof and Kiki the blow up doll

UCB Comedy  – Lisa Frank – Movie trailer

The good folks over at Upright Citizens Brigade from Diamonds Wow! (a UCB house Beta Team) take a satirical look at the life and struggles of an artist that has gone one to make the books. Granted they are spiral notebooks, but in this trailer for a movie based on the Trapper Keeper artist herself, Lisa Frank, we all learn that sometimes… teddy bears were top hats.

“In this compelling biopic, artist Lisa Frank makes the school supply world safe for teddy bears with top hats.”

My only major criticism of this is they didn’t go far enough in to some of the obscure reality that can easily be found on the Lisa Frank wiki page (which itself has wiki alert to remove it for lack of source material :D)

My second gripe is that the UCB video embed code is not only ugly, but no longer seems to play the video. So it looks like we'll be saying goodbye to UCB Comedy and it's videos from our link round up… at least the embeds. I may continue to take screen shots and post the videos as links. But UCB's videos are so hit or miss lately, unless there's a vocal our cry (in the comments below)… say goodbye to UCB.


Atom Films – The Download with Jerry O'Connell

Front and center of Atom films is this video from back in May. I honestly can’t tell if this is a horribly dry attempt to create a more modern version of Between to Ferns, or if these two hosts just have no charisma, charm or humor. So… win win atom films.


and with that horror presented by Comedy Central and Atom Films… let’s take a break for some web comics!




Nataliedee – oh i got about 6 of those


XKCD – Oversight


Cyanide and Happiness  – Homework

And we love Cyanide and Happiness… even when they make mistooks.


Youtube – title (link)

Hitting the youtube comedy section hard is this video, a simple vlog…

but it’s by some guy who speaks Spainish, so instead you should probably watch this:


Funny Or Die – Gerard Depardieu Airplane Black Box Recording


That's the funny as we see it. 

Speak Up : UC2B or UCnot2B that is the question? Do we continue with their videos as picture links, should we start a twitter campaign to get UCBcomedy to fix it's embed codes? let us know in the comments below.

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