New SSX Trailer Shows Tricky Side of Snowboarding Revival

Am I lame for hoping a skiing announcement is coming soon?

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson


I get it, I really do. The "cool kids" nowadays board. Skiing is seen as this cheesy, goofy, ridiculous section of snow sports to everyone below 30. Well, most everyone. I love skiing. I love being a skier. I love sitting straight back and cursing through two feet of powder on two planks instead of one.

Plus, boarding is expensive. I'm broke. Pass.

But snowboarding is in. It's cool. It's trendy as hell. And, as this SSX title is supposedly heading back to the roots of the franchise, I feel like skiing will be skipped. The game was all snowboarding until SSX On Tour during the last console generation. I loved it before skiing was introduced, and I'll love it if it's any good without skiing this time around.

I can still dream…

The one thing this brand new trailer for SSX does accomplish is that it placates the fear of ditching the over-the-top, tricky style action the series has been known for. The E3 trailer gave the title a dark, all-to-serious feel. This one looks intense, sure, but the absurdity in tricking and grinding is back.

Maybe I'll get my skiing announcement between now and January. Or, hell, maybe they'll make skiing a piece of DLC. I'd buy into that, so would all my loser skier friends.