Mike Myers Returning for ‘Austin Powers 4!’

"No, baby... No!"

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The only thing that's surprising about this news is that it's not a reboot: Mike Myers has officially signed up to star in Austin Powers 4, which will probably be subtitled Quantum of Bodice or something. We know literally nothing beyond that one tidbit of information – that the movie is coming and Myers is ready to return – but that's enough to either get excited, or possibly a little concerned.

It makes sense for Mike Myers to return to a hit character beyond the Shrek franchise, where he's been spending most of his thespian time lately, and certainly Austin Powers has an enormous built-in audience. But so much of the last few sequels was based on repeating the same jokes over and over again that the original, genuinely interesting premise – a 1960's superspy has trouble adjusting to a less innocent and sexually-adventurous present day. It would be nice to see Austin Powers 4 return to that concept, perhaps with Myers going forward in time to 2010, where spy stories are even more serious than the 1990s. Think about it: Austin Powers teaming up with a Daniel Craig-esque counterpart. That might actually be worth getting excited about.

Until then all we've got is Hitfix's scoop that Myers has agreed to a fourth film. We guess time will tell if that's a good idea or not. Are you excited about a fourth Austin Powers? Let us know in the comments below.

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