Kevin Connolly on the final season of Entourage

We "Hug it out" with Entourage's Kevin Connolly.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel


After Entourage’s final panel to the Television Critics Association, everyone went up on stage to get one last interview. Somehow, I ended up being the only one talking to Kevin Connolly. It was still brief, as I walked with him out to his next appointment, but it was a cool little final one on one and he was totally gracious.


CraveOnline: Have you been on Eric and the guys’ side the whole time, with all the decisions they’ve made, even turning down Aquaman 2 or sticking by the screenwriter of the Ramones project when it cost them the movie?

Kevin Connolly: Yeah, I think there have been times where Eric has had to be smart enough to defer to Ari. We were always out trying to run around trying to do independent films. Ari’s the one that sat down and said, “Listen, we tried it your way. You did your indie. It bombed so now let the master [work]. This is what we’ve got to do. We’ve got to get him in a studio film, we’ve got to get him working, we’ve got to get him back out there.” Eric has always had his different opinions. Those guys fancy themselves as artists. They’re film buffs.


CraveOnline: It was always interesting to me that you were first billed in the credits. Was the show ever designed to be more from E’s perspective?

Kevin Connolly: No, I think it was always an ensemble cast. I think Doug fancied himself as an E type and sort of felt like he was the character he most related to. I think that’s where that came from.


CraveOnline: Which of the Vincent Chase movies would you most like to see in real life?

Kevin Connolly: Medillin, I still stand by that.


CraveOnline: Which of Ari’s short jokes or other insults hurt the most over the years?

Kevin Connolly: Well, you know what happens? After a while your skin just gets tough, especially since Jeremy’s about an inch taller than me. Literally, Jeremy’s an inch taller.


CraveOnline: Do lots of random people come up to you asking to hug it out?

Kevin Connolly: Ah, yes. It’s cooled off a little bit but for a long time there were a lot of people trying to get me to hug it out, for sure.