David Yates IS Directing ‘The Stand!’

And he's bringing his Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves along for the ride...!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

As you may recall, not long ago Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows director David Yates was considering an adaption of Stephen King's The Stand as a multi-film project. Well, good news folks: it's just about official. David Yates and Warner Bros. are finalizing an agreement right now, according to an exclusive at Hitfix.

It's nice being proven right, but you know what's nicer? Steve Kloves has signed on to adapt the apocalyptic novel for Yates, reuniting the team immediately following their collaboration on the Harry Potter franchise. Kloves has proven himself beyond children's book adapations, of course: he also wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay for Wonder Boys, and wrote and directed both The Fabulous Baker Boys and Flesh and Bone. Talented guy, that Steve. He should call me.

What strikes us as interesting about this development is that the Harry Potter books and movies really grew with their fan base. Many of the original fans of the franchise are young adults by now – like, actually young adults, not just kids who shop in the "Young Adult" section of their local bookstore – making them the perfect demographic to pick up The Stand. If Warner Bros. plays its cards correctly ("From the Makers of Harry Potter," for example) there could be a significant cross-over audience.

CRAVE Online will be back with more The Stand news if we ever shake these spooky nightmares…