Mark Wahlberg Wants ‘2 Guns’

What a greedy bastard. Most of us only get to make do with one. Oh yeah, and it's based on a comic book series.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

You know, in these post-John Woo (and Halo 2) days we seem to take dual-wielding for granted. Two guns? Are you kidding? One gun's like a baby's toy. But try to imagine, if you will, the very first time that some badass whipped out two six-shooters in a gunfight. You're sitting there – behind cover, obviously – looking at this monster of a human being who just changed all the rules. And you vow to yourself, if you ever get out of this alive, you are sure as hell buying another ding-danged gun. But somehow, we imagine that's not what Mark Wahlberg had in mind when he entered negotiations to star in 2 Guns, the adaptation of the comic book series from Boom! Studios.

Deadline reports that Academy Award-nominee Mark Wahlberg (remember that?) has entered negotiations to star in 2 Guns. Stephen Grant's original comic book series told the story of two undercover officers who investigate each other without knowing each other's true intentions. Which… sounds a whole hell of a lot like Infernal Affairs, and more to the point, The Departed, which earned Wahlberg his first Oscar nomination. If it ain't broke don't fix it, apparently.

Frequent Wahlberg collaborator David O. Russell was originally going to script and possibly even direct 2 Guns, with an eye to cast Vince Vaughn in one of the lead roles. That appears to have gone by the wayside now, as the current draft of the script was written by Blake Masters, who has worked on episodes of such TV series as Rubicon, Brotherhood and Law & Order: Los Angeles. We imagine that Russell's probably not going to direct anymore now that he's busy with other projects.

CRAVE Online will be back with more 2 Guns news as soon as the sequel, 2 Guns 2 Furious, is announced.