5 Really Uncomfortable Celebrity Interviews

Ready to have you skin crawl with awkwardness? Check these out!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Interviewing can be a nightmare for any journalist or celebrity involved. Most of the time it’s a quick little “soft ball” question followed by a story about someone’s kids. But every once in a while, if you’re really lucky…  One party will say something the other doesn’t care for very much.

Take a look: 

1. Gene Simmons VS Terry Gross

KISS front man, Gene Simmons is no stranger to glitz, girls, and cash. But he may have met his match in NPR commentator Terry Gross. One is, let’s be honest, a macho douche-chill. The other is a liberal “voice of reason” talk show host. Think they get along very well? Think again:

2. Jim Rome VS Jim Everett

Jim Rome is a jackass with a sports show and Jim Everett is a NFL quarterback jackass who can’t take a joke. Jim Rome consistently made fun of Jim Everett for the amount of sacks he took during his time in the NFL, until one day, Jim Everett stopped by the studio and offered some face time. This is awesome! Check it out:


3. Nancy Grace VS Elizabeth Smart

Nancy Grace is a bat-shit insane correspondent for the HLN network, the other, Elizabeth Smart became known after she was kidnapped for nine months. While Smart agreed to be interviewed as part of a campaign to promote a new legislative bill (not talk about her abduction), Nancy Grace continued to prod persistently.


4. David Letterman VS Crispin Glover

We all know David Letterman — he hair, the teeth, the wing-tip shoes. However, if you don’t remember Crispin Glover, allow me to refresh your memory. He played Marty’s dad in “Back to the Future” and the hilarious one-armed bellhop in “Hot Tub Time Machine.”  Glover stopped by Letterman’s show in character much akin to the style of Andy Kaufman and Joaquin Phoenix, however Letterman didn’t think it was too funny.


5. John McCain VS Ellen DeGeneres

One is running for president and the other is host of one of the most popular daytime talk shows in history. One is running on the conservative platform and the other is openly gay. Let the sparks fly!


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