Nick Swardson on ’30 Minutes or Less’

Nick Swardson talks Ape masks and flamethrowers.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Nick Swardson - 30 minutes or less

Nick Swardson had two movies at Comic-Con this year. He’s a villain’s henchman in 30 Minutes or Less and the star of Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star. At a press session for 30 Minutes or Less, I threw in some questions about both movies. Later that night, a Camp Playboy party for Bucky Larson raged in a San Diego parking lot, with babes on zip lines and everything!


CraveOnline: Are you one of the gentlemen in the ape masks we see on the poster?

Nick Swardson: Yes, I am. I’m the guy with the flamethrower. I have a really nice, docile monkey mask. Danny has the aggressive gorilla mask.


CraveOnline: Do you do all the physical work even when you could use a double?

NickSwardson: Yeah, we actually talked about that relationship. We have a double and then at the last minute I was like, “No, I’ll do it.” Ruben [Fleischer] was like, “Yeah, I think it’s better.” I’m really glad we did that. It was a fun challenge. It just kind of happened. This character came out. You just learn how. It was fun to have the mask though because I could just laugh in scenes. I’d just be laughing at Danny McBride. It was awesome.


CraveOnline: With Bucky Larson, are you prepared to have a character who may be forever identified with you?

NickSwardson: Yeah, it’s kind of a trip. It’s a really, really thick character. When the trailer came out, people were just like, “What is this?” I’m really excited. It’s a great movie. Me and Sandler wrote it and we’re really proud of it. I would definitely be psyched to be known for that because I’m proud of it. If it were a character I weren’t proud of, then it would be kind of a bummer, but I’m psyched.


CraveOnline: Did you tailor write it to showcase a side of you we haven’t seen before?

Nick Swardson: It was an idea that Sandler had and he pitched it to me. He’s like, “You play this small town kid who finds out his parents used to be porn stars back in the ‘70s.” I just thought that was a genius idea. We were really laughing about it. He’s like, “The guy just wants to follow in his parents’ footsteps. He realizes this is my calling, this is what I was meant to do. He doesn’t see it as dirty. He just sees it as my parents are movie stars.” So we just kept building on this guy and gave him buck teeth, this kind of page boy haircut. We were like what if he’s never orgasmed before? We just made him the sweetest, sweetest, sweetest guy ever and then put him in this world of insanity. It grew as it went.