Team Bondi Assets and IPs Sold

It’s being reported that the L.A. Noire IP now has a new owner. 

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


It is being reported by Develop that assets and IPs owned by Team Bondi have been sold off to Sydney-based company Kennedy Miller Mitchell (KMM), a company heavily rooted in the production of entertainment, including games. And yes, if true, this deal includes Team Bondi’s recently shipped crime-drama thriller, L.A. Noire.

It wasn’t long ago that rumors started to hit the ‘net that Team Bondi had gone bankrupt. This honestly isn’t hard to believe, considering L.A. Noire took the studio roughly seven years to develop. And with the recent Team Bondi work condition scandal, the company was having a hard time finding backers for future projects. Therefore, a sale of the studio seemed like the logical course of action. To add fuel to the fire, Kotaku also recently reported that an unnamed source saw Team Bondi studio head Brendan McNamara and a few Bondi employees getting a tour of the KMM studio space.

This latest report from Develop seems to be the deal sealer, if you will. Develop is also reporting that all Team Bondi employees are being offered jobs at KMM, or the opportunity to take a severance package on their way out the door. This includes Brendan McNamara, who has reportedly been offered the same deal. In an ironic turn of events, if McNamara chooses to stick with KMM, it will reunite him with many of the employees who left Team Bondi over the years due to the supposedly awful work conditions instigated by McNamara himself.

As of right now, this is still rumor status. But the likelihood of it being true is very high. As Develop states in their report, it could take up to 28 days for this type of business deal to go public due to legal practices in Australia. We’ll be back with more as it becomes available.

As an added note, the PC version of L.A. Noire is still on track for release, so don’t worry PC gamers. Rockstar still owns the publishing rights to the game, and they have Rockstar Leeds working on the port as we speak.