My Favorite Joke: Lewis Black

If it weren't for my horse...

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

First off, lets take a look at the joke in question: 
Lewis Black – College Horse
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This clip was from "Comedy Central Presents: Lewis Black" his 1998 appearance (1st appearance?) on the network. Lewis Black has always been one of my favorite comedians even when I was at a young age and couldn't understand some of his political humor. Black's vitriolic tone and brilliant sense of cursing and comic timing shined through every time he performed.


"If it weren't for my horse…" I think became such a galvanizing bit for Black because it highlights his story telling ability aptly. All Lewis Black has to do to make you laugh is to describe something in his own meter. He is an observational humorist at heart; seeing him do stand-up is not unlike watching an elderly family member get a little loaded and start railing against the youth. Black takes small moments to even chuckle at himself, an acknowledgement that even he sees himself as a little ridiculous. This self-awareness allows the audience to be brought in even closer to him emotionally, waiting to see how ramped up he'll become in his next bit. 


I don't much care for "Root of all Evil" his current show on Comedy Central, only because he relies on a court room gimmick and features only as the judge. Lewis Black's appearances on "The Daily Show" are always welcome, and make sure to check out some of the earlier episodes where he was featured frequently (bonus points for seeing baby faced Jon Stewart!). But where Lewis Black has always shined for me is his stand-up, even in his movie appearances he plays such a strange version of himself it's unrecognizable.


Lewis Black has been a fairly prolific book writer as well, and while I confess that I haven't read any yet, they are next on my list. Lewis Black is definitely a comedian to check out if you haven't yet, and if you follow me on Twitter I'll make sure to hit you up with some other recommendations.


"If it weren't for my horse…" I never would have liked Lewis Black, and if weren't for CRAVE Online you wouldn't be reading me! So check back for more of "My Favorite Joke…"  


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