Marvel Studios Schedules Mystery Movies for 2014

But what are they...? WHAT ARE THEY?!?!?!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

In what seems like a dangerous trend, Marvel Studios has joined Sony in scheduling blockbuster movies for the summer of 2014… before they've even been shot. Last week Sony announced that Amazing Spider-Man 2 is coming on May 2, 2014. Now, perhaps in reaction to that surprise "Save The Date" announcement, Marvel is scheduling two movies of their own for May 16, 2014 and June 27, 2014.

The kicker is… they haven't actually told us what those movies are.

So let the speculation begin. There's a good chance we're looking at least one sequel, to either Captain America and/or The Avengers (since 2013 brings us sequels to both Thor and Iron Man), and possibly some of the new Marvel projects we've been hearing about lately, like Doctor Strange and/or The Guardians of the Galaxy

What we imagine is that Marvel Studios saw the need to scout out dates this far in advance now that Sony has opened the floodgates, but since it's still a few years away don't want to announce their new projects until they're further into development. They wouldn't want to announce Doctor Strange was coming in 2014 before they've even found a director, let alone a cast. And they probably don't want to announce an Avengers sequel this early, since reaction to the first film is still an unknown quantity.

Thanks to Coming Soon for the scoop.

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