Aziz Ansari on ’30 Minutes or Less’

The Parks and Recreation star talks about his new film, 30 Minutes or Less.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Aziz Ansari - 30 Minutes or Less

The cast of 30 Minutes or Less was at Comic-Con presenting the movie to Hall H and inviting fans to a special screening. During a press session with Aziz Ansari, I was able to ask a few questions about his first leading role in a feature film, and how his comedy has evolved over the years.


Crave Online: Are you involved with the film’s crazy action?

Aziz Ansari: Yes, my character is in some car chases with Jesse Eisenberg. Ruben shot the car chases in a way where it was us in the car a lot. He tried to minimize the use of green screen and things like that. It’s really Eisenberg in the car driving and so we did some of those.


Crave Online: What has this journey been like getting into bigger and bigger comedy parts and becoming well known?

Aziz Ansari: I think with these movies, the goal is you look at people like Steve Carell and Will Ferrell. At a point they were doing these smaller parts and then people were like oh, they’re really funny. Let’s give them a whole thing. For me, this is the first movie where I‘ve been in the movie the whole time. It was a super great experience and hopefully I’ll get to do it again.


Crave Online: Has Parks and Recreation helped your profile because it shows you being a little more subtle than the full on comedy?

Aziz Ansari: Yeah, Parks and Rec is a thing where I’m there longer too so there’s more room to have a fully fleshed out character as opposed to something where it’s a smaller thing where you just need to come on and talk about your penis for a few minutes and then go away. So yeah, that definitely has helped too. You can do dick jokes for longer, for a full hour. No.


Crave Online: It’s 30 Minutes or Less, so what’s your favorite place to order pizza from?

Aziz Ansari: In New York, I like Motorino, Keste, Grimaldi’s. In L.A. I like Mozza. None of those places deliver. I totally didn’t answer your question probably.


Crave Online: What’s coming up for Tom in Parks and Recreation?

Aziz Ansari: When we left season three, Tom was at Entertainment 720 so it’s kind of figuring out what happens to his life once he has his company that he started and what he becomes. It’s really funny. The stuff we’ve read so far I thought was really good.