The State Of Ford

Check out what's coming down the assembly line.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Ford is poised for prominence this fall. From the introduction of the 2012 Mustang to the new EcoBoost technology of the latest Ford Edge, advancements are keeping Ford in the news.

Here is what’s happening with Ford heading into Fall 2011.


2012 Mustang – The $33,310 Mustang GT is bursting at the seams with a 412HP, 5.0 liter V6 engine available with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. It also sports Ford's Sync System, which includes hands-free calling, 911 Assist, Music Search, Vehicle Health Reports, and the latest in dashboard technology.

2012 Ford Edge – The Ford Edge is quickly climbing the midsize SUV rankings with near CR-V type mpg numbers (21/30) thanks to EcoBoost technology, a direct injection technology designed to reduce turbo lag and keep a cooler engine for maximum efficiency. Its biggest benefit is V6 like power with 4-cylinder level exertion.

Curious inflatable seat belts – June marked the debut of the 2011 Ford Explorer's inflatable rear passenger seat belts (soon due on the Ford Flex), which adds a tubular envelope to seat belts to keep the young ones protected. Ford estimates that crash force is reduced more than five times over a regular seat belt. Let's see if inflatable seat belts gain traction on its other models.

New model, new sound – Ford is boosting the sound for its models equipped with the EcoBoost four cylinder using sound boxes to convert sound frequencies for a more enhanced growl sound at higher rpms. At the moment, the Ford Focus is a Europe best seller including the EcoBoost. Look to the American Focus to carry this engine sound booster in the near future.