Resistance 3 ‘Journey’ Trailer

Insomniac’s shooter three-quel is primed for launch. Here’s a new cinematic trailer to celebrate.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Sony and Insomniac Games have sent word, via messenger raven (I’ve been watching too much Game of Thrones), that Resistance 3 has gone gold. That’s a fancy way of saying the game is finished and has been sent to the printers for mass production. The game is on track for a September 6th release. This is grand news to usher in the weekend.

To celebrate the occasion, Sony and Insomniac have released a brand-new, cinematic trailer for the game that reeks of epic. The trailer is called “Journey” and pretty much lays the chips out on the table. You are Joseph Capelli and you’re on a… ahem… journey to New York to hopefully free humanity from their Chimera oppressors and give your son a better future. That’s some heavy shit.

So there's the setup. Now watch the trailer. Enjoy!