The Big List: Black Spiderman! Science! Internet Rage!

If J. Jonah Jameson hates the new Spiderman, will people think he’s racist? This and more in today’s big list!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to star in several TV shows, marry a woman much older than you, get a huge following on Twitter, step into a TV show part vacated by a lunatic actor and check out some links!

The New Ultimate Spiderman Is Half-Black, Half-Hispanic

His clones will remain awful.

So You’re Mad About Something On The Internet…

What’s your dick level? [via TDW]

8 Comedians Currently Starring In Multiple TV Shows

Comedians today need more than one television job to survive. I guess the economy has even affected… the funny business. (Wakka-wakka)

Ashton Kutcher Will Play An Internet Billionaire On “Two and a Half Men”

"The show will be as irreverent as it has ever been," promises CBS programming’s Nina Tassler. I think she meant to say, “irrelevant.”

How To Do Science

Apparently, it’s not like in The Core. Damn you, Hollywood. You’ve misled me once again!

That’s all for this edition of The Big List. Join us next week for a completely new list. No summer reruns here. In a word: nice.

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