Halo Anniversary’s Kinect Support Downplayed

There’s no point in getting up in arms about the game's Kinect integration. It’s not a forced feature.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


When Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was announced at E3 in June it was revealed that the game would feature support for Microsoft Kinect. But the exact details of how Kinect would function with Halo Anniversary were not elaborated on at the time. In typical nerd fashion, we all prepared for the worst. 

Over the last few months we’ve seen quite a few screenshots and videos highlighting the multiplayer and graphical slip-shine the game is receiving, but we’re still in the dark about how the Kinect will be integrated into the experience. There’s apparently a reason for that, as 343 Industries’ Frankie O’ Connor told Official Xbox Magazine that the Kinect functionality in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is really not a big deal. It’s a “cool” feature, but players shouldn’t get “hyper-excited” over it.

“I don’t think it’s going to be something that people need to be hyper-excited about,” said O’Connor.

“It’ll be cool, but it’s not something you’d put on the front of the box. I don’t want to downplay it, but I think of it like this – I use voice on Netflix and it’s awesome, and that’s what this’ll be. Something that enhances you overall experience.”

Honestly, this sounds like good news for Halo fans. It’s great to hear that Microsoft isn’t forcing Kinect down the throats of those interested in revisiting (or playing for the first time) the original Halo with this new remastering. It seems like O’Connor is insinuating that Halo Anniversary’s Kinect integration will be something similar to how BioWare is handling it in Mass Effect 3 — solely voice commands.

Unfortunately, O’Connor wasn’t able to peg an official announcement day for the Kinect functionality in Halo Anniversary. Microsoft and 343 Industries are still trying to figure out when is the best time to make the announcement. But they better do it before the game launches on November 15, 2011.