Watch Out For These 10 Deadly Ninja Cats!

Ninja Cats. You know you want to know more!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Some would say the Samurai Pizza Cats were based on the Ninja Turtles. However, there are many examples of ninja cats in the real world, so it’s possible the creators of that show owned a few ferocious fuzzy warriors. These cats are quick on their paws, deadly with their claws and they’ll drop jaws – with their ninja fighting styles. Say goodbye to Kung-Fu Panda and hello to these awe-inspiring ninja cats!


Ninja Cat Enters Fighting Stance

Now you are frightened. [Buzzfeed]


Ninja Cat Is Very Sneaky

Another favorite pastime for ninja cats: looking up skirts. [Cheezburger]


Ninja Cat Strikes From Above

At least he isn’t watching you masturbate. [Crystal’s]


Ninja Cat Knows He Has Skillz

I was wondering if rapper Shaquille O’Neal had a cat. [Sharenator]


Ninja Cat Is Spying On You

Bad kitty! Develop your own Ninjutsu techniques! Bad! [Martial Development]


Ninja Cat Is A Wall-Crawler

Apartment walls are no match for ninja cats. [ROFLHard]


Ninja Cat Strikes!

The tail never saw it coming. [Greyt]


Ninja Cat Is Small

…but he will grow strong and seek vengeance for his family! [Cheezburger]


Ninja Cat Delivers Fatal Blow

You can has death. [ROFLcat]


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