5 Truly Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

You think the guy on the corner is nuts? Listen to this.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe



This very strange theory is championed by a guy named David Icke. A brit by birth, Icke argues that the world’s power is being compiled together by the planet’s oldest secret societies (which isn’t that bizarre when you think about it… GE, Viacom, Sony ring any bells?). Whose membership is controlled by an alien reptilian race from the constellation Draco. Who are these supposed shape-shifting lizard people? George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and the Queen, just to name a few. Icke, being the weirdo he is, has gotten himself into some serious trouble in recent years making accusations regarding the Jewish Domination of the planet – which is, let’s be honest, not nearly as cool as lizard people.


2. John Lennon Was Shot By… Stephen King

According to Steve Lightfoot – which you can find his website here: johnlennonmurdertruth.com. The master of horror himself, Stephen King is responsible for the shooting of Beatles musician, John Lennon in 1980. Despite Lennon’s supposed killer, Mark David Chapman, pleading guilty, through a series of personal newspaper editorials, government codes, and telekinesis, Lightfoot argues that Chapman was just a pawn in a much bigger ruse. A fascinating story. I suggest you research further.


3. Proctor and Gamble = Satan

Large consumer goods manufacturer, Proctor and Gamble maybe be in league with the devil, according to some. The company’s logo, adopted in the 1850’s led many to think it was a symbol as referred to in the “Book of Revelations.”



Or, that perhaps that the logo contains hidden in it, “666.” The mark of the beast. So much controversy was stirred in P&G’s consumer base; they eventually changed their logo.


4. AIDS Was Engineered By The US Military

This point is actually still a major point of debate by some. But what we’re referring to in this instance is the theory by Jakob Segal, a professor at Humbolt University in East Germany. According to him, AIDS was biogenetically engineered and tested on prison inmates in the late 1970’s. This might be a sound theory except that AIDS has been known to exist since the late fifties.


5. The George H.W. Bush Black Mass Millennium Extravaganza!!!

In 1999, conspiracy writer Texe Marrs claimed that when the clocked chimed in the new millennium, former President H.W. Bush would be involved in a black mass to ring in the new year. And where was this party to take place? The Great Pyramid of course. And why not? It’s the millennium, it only happens once every thousand years. Accused for being staunchly anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic, Marrs is one of the more bat-shit insane theorists. Though interestingly enough, he believes that Newt Gingrich is running on the Illuminati presidential ticket… I wish I was joking.


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