Rob Cohen Directing The Korean War Film ‘1950’

Fun Fact: Beetle Bailey was created in 1950. Less Fun Fact: 1950 is not about Beetle Bailey.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Rob Cohen's had a lot of experience with war movies: he directed 2005's Stealth, about a war plane that gains sentience and goes rogue and falls in love with Jessica Biel or something, The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, in which Jet Li leads an army of terra cotta warriors, and xXx, in which Vin Diesel is a one-man army. So he's the perfect guy to direct 1950, a $100 million production about the Korean War told from the perspective of real-life New York Herald Tribune writer Marguerite Higgins. 

Well, it makes sense to us…

Anyway, Hollywood Reporter says that Cohen has been attached to direct 1950 for CJ E&M Pictures and Grapevine Entertainment. The script will be written by Rachel Long & Brian Pittman, who also co-wrote the upcoming supernatural thriller Silver Falls with Cam Cannon for Enderby Entertainment. Over the course of the film, Higgins overcomes sexism to cover the Korean War, and accompanies an American platoon that ends with a mass evacuation of hundreds of thousands of South Koreans facing impending attack. The film will probably begin shooting after Cohen finishes production on his next feature I, Alex Cross, a reboot of the popular Morgan Freeman franchise starring Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox.

According to Cohen: "The Korean War has often been referred to as 'the forgotten war' and I think it's time it was remembered. Telling the story of this harrowing conflict through the eyes of pioneering journalist Marguerite Higgins makes it a very different war film on every level."

"Forgotten war?" Did they finally take MASH out of syndication?

CRAVE Online is just kidding. War sucks. The Korean War sucked. AfterMASH sucked. 1950 might be good… maybe.