Alex Trebek Chases Down Burglar

"Jeopardy" host gets injured in the process.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

The question: Who is the brave Canadian game show host who chased down a female intruder at a hotel in the buff and consequently tore a tendon? Who is Alex Trebek? You are correct for $1200.

The nude sleeper recounted to "The Today Show" (as reported by the New York Post): "I realized immediately someone had been in the room. I put on my underwear and ran down the hall to see if I could find her." The altercation happened around 2:30am while Trebek was sleeping (commando) with his wife in a San Francisco hotel room (he was in town to host the National Geographic World Championship event) – when he realized that some cash and jewellery was missing the 71-year-old Sudbury, Ontario native went after the woman, who has since been detained.

In the process Trebek suffered a painful injury, ripping a tendon in his foot, and he is expected to undergo surgery on Friday. He will then be put into a cast for six weeks. He was seen leaving a hospital on crutches shortly after the incident.

The woman involved in the attempted theft has been arrested – Lucinda Moyers, 56, is being charged with burglary and being in possession of stolen property, and has a $625,000 bail. Many of the items she attempted to steal were recovered. However, one thing that was not found was a treasured bracelet Trebek had. He said to the Toronto Sun, "We got most of our stuff back, except the one piece of jewellery that I ever wear. It's a bracelet that my mother gave me many years ago, so that's gone. And cash. I figured she stashed it somewhere in the hotel, and we'll come back to retrieve it someday."

Moyers will be arraigned on Monday.


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