Patriots Take Huge Risk With Signings

It's sink or swim in New England.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

The insanity of the last three days in the NFL has captured headlines across the nation and many teams have changed the face of their franchise with bold moves. One team, however, stands out not for flipping their franchise on it's head, but for just being…well…themselves. In true Bill Belichick form, the New England Patriots have taken the spotlight with a duo of moves that could either turn the Pats into SuperBowl favorites or sink them even further away from that coveted promised land. They traded for the troubled but talented Albert Haynesworth and the troubled but talented Chad Ochocinco.

Haynesworth, as regular readers to our section would know, has frequently made the sports pages of many a blog with his antics during his Washington Redskins days. From off the field issues to on the field issues, Haynesworth has gone from one of the most talented defensive lineman to one that makes you keep a lifetime supply of Tylenol on hand. Belichick is hoping a change of scenery might tackle these issues and playing with teammates that want you there should go a long way to helping with attitude issues.

"It's huge. I mean, he's got some freakish ability," veteran defensive lineman Ty Warren said of Haynesworth. "I've seen him on film, and he's the real deal."

The other signing is the one that Patriots fans should be most worried about, however. Chad Ochocinco is easily one of the strongest personalities in the game today. That line alone should strike fear into the hearts of all Pats fans. Personality like Chad's can be very troublesome in a locker room, it can easily become a disruptive force. Do I think this will be the case in New England, though?

No, Belichick and Brady will keep him in check.

No, the problem with Ocho is that the guy is lazy on the field. He runs horrible routes which kills a quarterbacks timing and makes the QB look like he's lost when it's really Ocho. Don't believe me, just ask the newly retired Carson Palmer what he thinks of Ocho's skills. I doubt it would be very flattering.

Both players come to the Patriots with more baggage than your traditional luggage but if any team is capable of turning coal into gold or lemons into lemonade than it's the New England Patriots.

"I think a lot of the stuff that you see on TV, sometimes it's only half the truth. I think there's two sides to each story and I don't think that Albert is a bad guy," Warren said. "Corey Dillon wasn't a bad guy. Rodney [Harrison] wasn't a bad guy. A lot of guys right on down the line weren't bad guys when they came in here. I think sometimes guys get a bad rap and I think that's the structure that's in place of guys that are in the locker room, making an easy transition for them when they come in."

The Pats done it before and will probably do it again, reforming images seem to be their M.O., but you just have to wonder when these risks are going to backfire on them.