PSA: Black Ops ‘Annihilation’ DLC Available Now for PS3 and PC

The third DLC pack for Black Ops finally hits PS3 and PC today.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


You know it’s a slow news month when we’re stuck doing public service announcements for downloadable content that’s been out in some capacity for a while now. But alas, here we are. I feel like the Chick-fil-A cow mascot standing outside the joint trying to get people to swing on through. What’s that? You don’t know of Chick-fil-A, AKA the greatest fast food experience in the world? Man, you’re missing out, the service there is absolutely incredible. They have waiters, give you dinner mints and….

Wait… what were we talking about again? Oh yea, not Chick-fil-A. We were talking Call of Duty map packs. OK, back on topic…

Activision and Treyarch have announced that the Call of Duty: Black Ops “Annihilation” DLC has released for the PlayStation 3 and PC. You can hop onto their respective networks to download the latest add-on for $14.99, the standard Call of Duty map pack price.

If you haven’t been following along closely with recent gaming news, the Annihilation map pack is the third add-on for Black Ops, which adds another four competitive multiplayer maps (Hangar 18, Silo, Hazard, Drive-In), as well as a new zombie mode map set in Shangri-La.

So if you’re a PS3 or PC owner and looking for Call of Duty: Black Ops action, now’s your chance to snag some fresh downloadable content for the title.