Director Marc Webb on The Amazing Spider-Man

Marc Webb answers questions from the Amazing Spider-Man press conference at Comic-Con.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

The Amazing Spider-Man

Marc Webb made my favorite movie of 2009. I loved (500) Days of Summer even before it helped me through my own breakup. So if someone had to reboot Spider-Man after Sam Raimi, I can sort of trust my heart with this guy. At a Comic-Con press conference, Webb shared some of his thoughts on starting Spidey over.


It’s (500) Days of Gwen Stacy:

Marc Webb: That’s one of the things that made Spider-Man really unique in terms of the comics, there’s a tender romantic quality to it. It’s something that’s always fascinated me about cinema is good romance. That was fun to explore. Andrew [Garfield] and Emma [Stone] have done such great work on screen. We just finished shooting and I’m having so much fun putting together the scenes with Andrew and Emma. There’s such tenderness and honesty in that, one of the reasons I wanted to make the film. Expect great things from them.


Marc Webb gets The Lizard:

Marc Webb: There’s just so much fantastic material that comes from the comics, whether it’s Gwen, the Lizard, Curt Connors. This relationship with Curt Connors, who’s both mentor and adversary, is a really beautiful, interesting, exciting and exhilarating story. I was skeptical at first. You feel the presence of those other movies.


If you think rebooting is weird, imagine what Webb thought:

Marc Webb: I think Spider-Man is a part of our culture, a perennial character. He’s constantly reexamined, there are so many different versions of him in the comics, it’s something I thought we could do. He belongs on the big screen, but it just kept me up at night. That dream, we all feel this incredible sense of responsibility. How could I walk away from this? What an opportunity. What better cinematic character is there? There is none. It’s fascinating, exhilarating to do.


Marc Webb’s 3D vision:

Marc Webb: We tried to shoot a lot of the stuff on location which exposes you to a certain kind of thing. Because we were shooting this in 3D, I wanted to conceive of certain things very specifically for 3D. There’s an experiential component to 3D that is really, really fantastic. We’re experimenting with generating that point of view, so that you feel what Peter Parker and Spider-Man feels, when he’s jumping over buildings and streets, and that sort of thing. Andrew had to pay the price for this, but we made a very conscious effort to ground the stunts.


Real Spidey slinging:

Marc Webb: We had an incredible stunt team put together. They built this whole rig, hundreds of feet long, under Riverside Drive in Harlem, and we swung a man through traffic, down the street. And, they also built a car rig with a series of wires that was incredibly complicated and really a beautiful contraption, to help do those effects practically. That was something that I thought was really, really exciting and exhilarating to explore, not to mention an incredible level of acrobatics.