Ron Howard Not Returning for Next Dan Brown Movie

We're guessing he saw the first two and finally thought better of it.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Ron Howard's doing okay, people. Although his ambitious adaptation of The Dark Tower recently fell through (again), he's still got a guaranteed box office hit in the form of Dan Brown's third hit novel adaptation The Lost Symbol and…

Oh wait, now he's not doing that either. Well, let's hope Spy vs. Spy is good then.

Yes, Ron Howard, whose biggest hits of the last ten years have both been adaptations of Dan Brown movies – the crappy Da Vinci Code and the somewhat-less-crappy Angels and Demons – has stepped down from the director's chair for The Lost Symbol, the third book and planned movie in the popular franchise. Although he intends to remain on board as a producer, Sony is now looking for a replacement to direct the film, which takes Tom Hanks' character Robert Langdon to Washington D.C. to uncover a mystery involving the Masons, kinda like National Treasure


Deadline had the story. Creatively, Ron Howard is kind of a hit-or-miss director. At the box office, his Dan Brown movies were all bona fide hits. While we sympathize with his need to not make the same movie over and over again (although he did the first two, so apparently he was okay with simply doing it "over again" once), the box office clout might have been just what he needed to get The Dark Tower off-and-running again.

CRAVE Online will return with more Ron Howard news after we finish watching The Paper. Remember The Paper? Neither do we.