Joan Allen and Albert Finney Return for ‘Bourne Legacy’

See? It's directly connected to the original trilogy after all.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Tony Gilroy isn't the only Bourne alumni to take part in The Bourne Legacy: the franchise's writer-turned-director is now welcoming Joan Allen and Albert Finney back for the fourth movie, a spin-off of the original series. Allen appeared in both The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum as Pamela Landy, a hard-ass whose ass wasn't quite as hard as it first appeared. Finney appeared briefly in The Bourne Ultimatum as the doctor who ran the secret CIA assassin training program that blew up in their faces thanks to a certain Matt Damon.

Actually, pretty much the only Matt Damon. I mean, there's bound to be other "Matt Damons" in the world but unless you know one personally did you actually think we were talking about somebody who didn't star in the Bourne movies? Get with the program, people… The CIA assassin training program, that is.

Variety's report that Allen and Finney will return for the Jeremy Renner-starring spin-off brings some continuity to the fourth film, about which we know very little. But at least we know there's a possibility that someday in the future, Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon will be punching each other to death.

CRAVE Online will return with more Bourne Legacy news once we come up with bad pun or stupid reference for the title.