Rhys Ifans Not In ‘Bond 23’ After All

The Amazing Spider-Man star recently debunked rumors that he'll re-team with Daniel Craig.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Well, the yolks on us! (Lizards lay eggs, don't they?) Rhys Ifans, who had reportedly been added to the cast of Bond 23, has debunked that story in a recent interview with MTV. His response to whether he'd been cast in Sam Mendes' latest James Bond adventure? 

"No, I just have a license to kill."

When asked if he was just being coy, Ifans clarified… 

"No, I'm not."


In related news, you may have heard about Rhys Ifans little kerfuffle at Comic Con 2011 prior to the Amazing Spider-Man panel. In even more related news, we won't actually be covering that since it isn't technically about movies.

CRAVE Online will be back with more Bond 23 news as soon as we update that old post…