Thank Xbox TV for the Sexy New Remote

That, and a gorgeous new Bluetooth headset to boot…

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

New Xbox 360 Headset and Remote

Major Nelson has revealed two brand-new peripherals heading into the Xbox 360 suite of products this fall. Both are nice and black to match the current console and the Kinect hardware that Microsoft has been pushing for a while now.

Both pieces, seen above, make use of new tech for the 360. The remote features an Xbox TV button and will be able to control your display as well as the 360's Live TV section. The headset itself is Bluetooth and will actually work with mobile phones (oh, joy). But, if Bluetooth just ain't your thing, this device will be able to connect to the Xbox through the standard radio frequencies as well.

Here's Major Nelson giving us the rundown on the headset.

Both accessories will be available in early November of this year. The remote will sell for $19.99, while the headset will sell for $59.99.