Watch: Halo Anniversary Gameplay

This 10-year-old title has never looked better.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Later this year, Microsoft and 343 Industries plan to re-release Halo: Combat Evolved with a pretty graphical upgrade. The game will be the same amazing Halo experience you had 10 years ago, it’s just going to look a lot better. To show this off, Microsoft and 343 have sent out a new developer diary highlighting the graphical overhaul that Halo: Combat is getting with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

What you get to watch below is a section of one of Halo: Combat Evolved’s most memorable levels, “Silent Cartographer,” with the new anniversary edition spit shine. What’s neat about this anniversary edition is that you’re actually able to bounce the game back and forth on the fly from classic Halo graphics to the updated look, giving you an instant window into the past. It’s a cool trick that 343 pulled off by running two graphical engines at the same time. But I’ll leave it there and let the video do the rest of the talking and explaining.