Buy Gunstringer and Get Fruit Ninja Kinect for Free

Microsoft is offering up some sweet incentives to pick up The Gunstringer at retail.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Twisted Pixel’s upcoming marionette-manipulating cowboy game, The Gunstringer, is hitting retail shelves on September 13, 2011 for $39.99. To sweeten the pot and make the purchase worth your while, Microsoft has announced a number of bonuses that will come packaged with The Gunstringer to counterbalance the fact that this game was originally slated as a $15 downloadable title.

Firstly, buying The Gunstringer will give you access to the game’s first DLC pack, the “Wavy Tube Man Chronicles.” This downloadable add-on pits players against time-traveling bandits and the distressed son of the game’s first boss. Secondly, your purchase will net you two exclusive avatar props. Yay!

But most enticing of all, players who rush out and buy The Gunstringer will get a free download of the upcoming Fruit Ninja Kinect, which values at $10 as part of Xbox 360’s Summer of Arcade event. Therefore, buying The Gunstringer will net you two Kinect titles that should be reason enough to dust off the motion control peripheral. Because let's face it, you're in dire need of something to justify that purchase.