DC Reboot: Action Comics #1 Cover

This is the actual cover of the new Action Comics #1, and... well... um.  Yeah.  Could it be any less inspiring?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Action Comics #1

Well, The New York Post got a hot scoop from DC, as they were allowed to trot out the cover for the post-reboot Action Comics #1, the first time that title has ever been renumbered.  Thus, there is this.


Action Comics #1


Seriously, the Superboy "eh, I don't really care, screw you, old man" T-shirt costume we've had to endure for years now was awful, but at least the real Superman had never before been tainted by it.  Now… there is this.  Sure, the initial teaser image had this look, but it also held the promise that it was a temporary stopgap kind of thing on the way to something legit.  If he actually flies around for a while in this lackadaisical thing, they can't bring back the red undies quickly enough.  He's supposed to be the first superhero in this new world, so without the precedent of the Justice Society of America to inspire him, he's gonna look like Super Farm Boy, it seems.  Maybe one doesn't jump immediately to tights if you discover you have powers in a world without superheroes, but still… this is Superman.  Come on, man.  Little half-capes do not inspire anyone to anything.

Grant Morrison says "We felt it was time for the big adventures of a 21st-century Paul Bunyan who fights for the weak and downtrodden against bullies of all kinds, from robot invaders and crime lords to corrupt city officials.  The new look reflects his status as a street-level defender of the ordinary man and woman."

Ugh.  Sure, okay, this is the rise of Superman and we know eventually he's going to get a more acceptable look, sans red undies – and maybe that's the point.  Take the stink off of slightly modernizing the real Supes look by distracting us with the serious stank of this 'oh, I'll just tie my binky to my neck and go fight crime' outfit.

The Post also mentions that Rags Morales seems to have rendered Kal-El to look a little bit like Bruce Springsteen, which is hard to un-see once you see it. 

What do you think?  It's possible it's too early in the morning for me to accept change right now.