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Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Crave Online @ Comic-Con 2011

UPDATE SUNDAY:  Two more panels to dig into – Marvel's (sort of) big reveal about what's coming down the pike next at the Fear Itself panel, and DC's last New 52 panel!

UPDATE SATURDAY:  Crazy new TV projects announced at the Marvel TV panel today, including the Hulk and  AKA Jessica Jones series for ABC, both Mockingbird and Cloak & Dagger series for ABC Family, and the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and its all-star cast was shown – as well as the first Season 2 episode of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!  Also, at the Cup O' Joe panel with Joe Quesada, they dropped the knowledge that Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness will be working on Cable Reborn this December!  From DC, we've got their "The Dark and the Edge" panel exploring the shadowy underworld of the DCU.

UPDATE FRIDAY EVENING:  Busy day today, and boy does my butt hurt from sitting and liveblogging these panels all day.  Also, I don't recommend trying to subsist for a whole day on three cookies.  Anyway, here are DC's New 52 panel, the Superman panel and the Justice League panel, as well as Marvel's big doin's with The Year of the X-Men and Spider-Man and his Avenging Friends.

UPDATE THURSDAY NIGHT:  We've got the live blog of Marvel's Next Big Thing panel, DC's New 52 Batman panel report, and of course, The Book Report podcast #62 wherein Iann Robinson and I dissect what was revealed today in the world of comics.  Also, check out IDW's new announcements about their first ever DC crossover.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY NIGHT:  Dark Horse's big announcement was made – they've got Guillermo Del Toro and Tom Morello showing up to bust out some comics.  Good on them.


Time has come today, and San Diego Comic Con International 2011 will be underway on Wednesday with a special preview night that's promising some big-time announcements from Dark Horse about a pair of new series they'll be launching with some celebrity heft behind them.

This right here is one of the pages you're going to want to bookmark, because this is where I'll be archiving all of my updates going to our big-time San Diego Comic-Con Coverage page.  Go there if you want the full immersion experience, and come right back here if you're looking specifically for what we manage to dig up for you on the funnybook tip.

The sojourn begins tomorrow morning, where TV Editor Blair Marnell and I will be piling into my super-snazzy Honda Civic and trucking our way down south from Los Angeles to San Diego.  I'll be updating this page not only with news posts and panel summations, but occasional personal observations and, with any luck, photo goodness.  I haven't used a camera that wasn't my phone in quite some time, and since my phone is lame with the photography, I'm gonna try the ol' digital camera number that I spent money on and barely use.  I'll be on the lookout for great costumes… whenever I manage to poke my head out of Room 6DE.  Damn you, DC, for smearing your New 52 panels out over four whole days! 

Anyway, I must needs continue packing and organizing and weeding through my drowning inbox for press releases that are actually relevant to our interests, so when next we jaw, I'll be in San Diego, likely bitching about accommodations or trains or traffic or crowds or heat or sweat or how heavy my damn computer bag is.  This is all for you, good Crave Online loyalists.  Appreciate it at once!

Yay, I get to go to Comic-Con and write about comics!  I'm the luckiest boy in Puppetland!