No Rest for the Nerdy – Vol. 26

It's all about Captain America, Zelda and World of Warcraft this weekend.

Erik Joey & Mikeby Erik Joey & Mike


We never stop playing video games. That’s a fact. Even after we call it quits for the week we still look forward to getting home and continuing our digital conquests. It’s our life blood. So we thought it would be fun to share with everyone what our gaming intentions are for the weekend so you guys can get a sense of what we're playing and enjoying on a weekly, non-formal basis. Yes, this concept isn't new to the internet. But hey, we kind of want to join in on the fun. Can you blame us for that? So without further ado, here’s what we’re playing this weekend that will forfeit any semblance of rest…

Please feel free to sound off below to let us know what your gaming plans are this weekend.

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erikErik Norris: Honestly, I wish I could get cracking on some of the titles in my backlog this weekend. However, Captain America: Super Soldier has arrived in the mail and that’s going to take up most of my gaming time this weekend as I work towards pumping out a review for next week.

Surprisingly, I’m pretty amped to play the game, even though Sega’s track record with Marvel movie tie-ins is not so hot. But since the Captain America movie is coming out in just a week’s time, I’m hopped on red, white and blue pride and looking forward to scratching that itch with an interactive Captain America experience. Man, I’m going to throw that shield so many times.

If I do find time to break away from all the AMURIKA-lovin’ action, I’ll probably continue playing Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time or start up Dragon Age 2. As I said in my “Breaking into the Backlog” column yesterday, I only have two months to get through five games before the fall/holiday rush begins. If I don’t fit these games in now, I might never get around to them. I think I should just lock myself in my room for the next few months to ensure that I hit my goal, food and bathroom breaks be damned!

joeyJoey Davidson: I’m taking a break from Minecraft this weekend. Holy shit, I know, the world must be set to break apart into a million pieces any second now. Here’s the skinny: my wife had a baby this week. Seriously. As such, my life for the next stint of time will be dedicated to burping and swaddling. Yeah, that happened.

That said, I’ve waded back out into the world of Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS again. I’ve restarted the title under the Master’s Quest banner, so that means more complicated puzzles in dungeons that have been flipped especially for the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. I’m looking to roll through with all of the heart containers this time, my first trip through the 3D version of Hyrule saw me fall short of the full host of hearts by two. Lame.

The 3DS’ battery life has left me wanting. Especially now that I’m tethered to a couch or rocking chair while the baby sleeps. The 3DS starts to crap out after 4 or 5 hours… at best. That means I have to constantly charge it, something that’s only now becoming a serious pain. Hopefully it goes relatively unnoticed.

mikeMike White: I hate to admit this but I've been a sucker for logging into World of Warcraft recently. A few old friends have started playing again and it's a much easier way to wind down after working late than drinking copious amounts of beer at the bar. It saves me money and helps me avoid getting a DUI.  

The gods have smiled upon me this weekend. I open the restaurant on Sunday and should be set free around 3 or 4pm. Getting out before midnight means I'll be able to log on with a different group of friends for some long awaited League of Legends matches. Each week they offer a new group of heroes to play for free which saves me from spending points to permanently unlock heroes. I love learning the different play styles for each character. There is something to be said for a company that created so many playable heroes with unique appeals and balanced gameplay.