Marvel Teases Post-Fear Itself Events

It's either in you or it's not.  That's the tagline for whatever Marvel's got planned in December to follow up Fear Itself.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

It's Either In You Or It's Not

We were going to get all snarky about how Marvel seems to have so little confidence in Fear Itself that they're tucking the Comic-Con panel for it away on Sunday, when everybody's leaving.  However, a bunch of new teasers were released this week hinting at some kind of reveal at that particular panel next weekend.  We speculated on The Book Report that it's Defenders-related, given the character choice, but it could be something new entirely.


Check out these cryptic teasers and see if you can solve the puzzle contained within, if it even is a puzzle to solve.  Note, the Hulk doesn't appear to have it in him.  And if they're going to keep doing stuff with Red She-Hulk, they need to give her a name that isn't Red She-Hulk.  "She-Hulk" is outdated enough, it doesn't need to be made clunkier with an adjective.  Just sayin'.


Iron Fist


Dr. Strange


Red She-Hulk


Silver Surfer