The Big List: Owling! Hot Dogs! ‘Clockwork Orange’: The Video Game!

Summer tiiiiiime… and the linking is eaaaaasy…

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

It’s time to insert the cartridge, press power, watch the screen blink magenta, take out the cartridge, blow on it again, re-insert the cartridge, press power, press start and check out some links!


Owling Is The New Planking

So, if you’re still planking, you have to stop now. Thanks.


North Dakota Is Not A State

Thanks to a “constitution error,” North Dakota technically never was a state. That’s why their state motto is: “Liberty and Union Now and Forever, Unless Somebody Goofed.”


Parodies On ‘The Critic’ Predicted The Future of Entertainment

15 years later, it turns out Jay Sherman was just more than a film critic who said, “it stinks.” He was also… a showbiz psychic! ooooOOOOoooo!


19 Old School Video Games That Should Have Existed

Everyone knows you press A-B-A-B-Left-Right for the old in and out.


You Can’t Fire A Guy For Eating Hot Dogs

Man, I wish I lived in Indiana. I’ve been fired for eating hot dogs, like, 9 times now.

Come back next week for more of that crazy guy we call Mr. Internet. He’s Mr. Pibb’s cousin, you know.


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