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House Parties, On the House and the House of Gryffindor.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Note: Hello loyal friends, fans and readers. I've been away for a bit, because my computer, which I love muchly went and died on me. Not the whole thing, thank god… but just the Hard Disk, with lots of yummy GB's of un-backed up information. Go out right now and buy yourself an external drive and back up everything! You've been warned.

Ok now let's get along with the funny, that is NOT my own life.


UCB Comedy  – On The House

The gang at BriTANicK brings us a perfect recipe of food show and stalking, mixed together with a dash of vomiting and a liberal sprinkling of yelling montages.

This is actually a big win for the UCB front page as far as I’m concerned, compared to a lot of the recent front page comedy fails they’ve been featuring. I’m glad to see this change.


Atom Films – Everybody Hates Hagrid (link)

The boys from Tremendosaur hit the Atom Films front page with their Harry Potter  spoof ‘Everybody Hates Hagrid’ Featuring the Tremedosaur Boys Jacon and Justin and from Upright Citizens Brigade theater LA, the Beautiful Madeline Walter and the Hilarious Billy Merit (who taught my improv 501 class (look at me making things relevant(look at me using too many parentheticals!)))




Today on Married To The Sea: file transfer


Today on Natalie Dee: no not the hostas anything but the hostas

Youtube – Stalking Your Mom

The lyrically simple and sophomoric, singer animators of  Yourfavoritemartian is charting over at youtube, cause it’s the best animation to Fap to.


Funny Or Die –  Mob Wives with Sophia Bush & Drea de Matteo

It’s somewhere around 2:45 where the first glimpse of hope that the sketch will turn funny starts, and then immediately ends.

However, this is a good enough justification for me to post this picture of the beautiful Sophia Bush, which is the only thing that goes right in that sketch in the first place. (though she’s horribly mis-cast as a mob wife)

Good Job, Me!


That's all the funny that's bringing down the house today, July 14th on the world wide interwebs! It's good to be back, in the middle of the street, our house…. (it's in your brainz! you cannot stop it! (Burning down the house (Parenthetical!)))