Diablo Cody Writing ‘Evil Dead’ Remake

Academy Award-winning writer of Juno to ply her trade with the latest retread of a horror classic.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The Evil Dead remake sure seems interesting: Sam Raimi's producing the merely 'low' budget remake of his ridiculously low budget original film, and he's letting first time feature director Fede Alvarez take point this time out. No word on casting yet, but we do have a screenwriter: Fede Alvarez. Oh, and Deadline says Diablo Cody's taking a crack at it as well. That's… unexpected.

Diablo Cody of course won an Oscar for her first produced screenplay, the Ellen Page-starring Juno, and arguably deserved it for her unique dialogue style, complex characters and entertaining but thoughtful take on the genuine moral dilemmas surrounding teen pregnancy. From there she went on to write and produce the Emmy Award-winning Showtime original series The United States of Tara, but not before making a brief pit stop into the field of horror with Jennifer's Body, starring Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox. Jennifer's Body was not a major success at the box office and received mixed reviews at best, but if you ask us Cody's screenplay – a clever mish-mash of teen psychosexual angst and old-fashioned horror tropes – was better than the movie that came out of it, which emphasized the drama so much more than the scares that the actual selling point of the movie (i.e. "Megan Fox is a monster") got a little lost.

Still, Cody's a very funny writer and we're oddly compelled by the decision to get her take on The Evil Dead franchise. 

CRAVE Online will return with more Evil Dead news, provided they get it in by dawn. Because we'll be dead tired by then.