DC’s New 52 #2s: Green Lanterns

Do not adjust the colors on your screen.  Strange things are afoot on Oa.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Green Lantern #1

We know that since Geoff Johns is spearheading the new DC Reboot and since he's been the one writing Green Lantern, he's not going to change much of anything there as far as continuity goes.  However, that doesn't mean big changes aren't afoot already for the Green Lantern Corps, as we've seen by the epic War of the Green Lanterns story that came to an end this week with a stunning new twist – Sinestro has been re-inducted into the Emerald Warriors.  That's right, their deadliest enemy and deepest betrayer is back in the fold, and it looks like he's staying for a while.

Take a look at the #2 issues for the Green Lantern realm in the DCnU, also featuring the first look at the New Guardians who will be working with Kyle Rayner to establish the new state of the Skittles.  One of the first orders of business will be establishing what to make of the Sinestro Corps now that its leader is slinging the green again somehow.


Green Lantern #2


GREEN LANTERN #2  (Writer: Geoff Johns, Art: Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy)

Sinestro has been chosen by the Green Lantern ring now that it is no longer guided by Mogo, and he returns home to Korugar to fight off the yellow-ringed villains he once led – The Sinestro Corps.


Green Lantern and the New Guardians #2


GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #2  (Writer: Tony Bedard, Art: Tyler Kirkham, Harvey Talibao & Batt)

Kyle Rayner has been chosen as the new master of all the rings, but someone or something has been harvesting rings from each color's bearer and targeting him for death – and Ganthet's fate is revealed.


Green Lantern Corps #2


GREEN LANTERN CORPS #2  (Writer: Peter J. Tomasi, Art: Fernando Pasarin & Scott Hanna, Cover: Alex Garner)

Guy Gardner and John Stewart lead an elite GL squad against a mysterious force with a grudge against the Corps.


Red Lanterns #2


RED LANTERNS #2  (Writer: Peter Milligan, Art: Ed Benes & Rob Hunter)

In the midst of a war-torn world of invaders vs. insurgents, the powerful rage of the innocent victims summons Atrocitus in retribution.