DC’s New 52 #2s: The Wildstorm Invasion Continues

Grifter, Voodoo and Stormwatch have made their way into the DCnU, and some old favorites have a new look.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Stormwatch #2

In Flashpoint #3, we got our first taste of the Wildstorm universe stepping into the DCU proper with Grifter's appearance at the head of the Resistance.  After seeing the #1 previews for this batch of titles, check out what they've got following 'em up, along with some other government military endeavors and work-a-day mercs.


Stormwatch #2


STORMWATCH #2  (Writer: Paul Cornell, Art: Miguel Sepulveda & Al Barrionuevo)

The moon is alive?  Apparently, something happens in Superman #1 that forces Apollo and the rest of the team to go deal with the moon's metamorphosis.  Midnighter doesn't cooperate, but we do learn how Martian Manhunter came to be on this team.


Voodoo #2


VOODOO #2  (Writer: Ron Marz, Art: Sami Basri)

Part alien, part human, part whatever, the enigmatic Voodoo is on the run while trying to complete a mission that might endanger the entire planet.


Grifter #2


GRIFTER #2  (Writer: Nathan Edmondson, Art: CAFU & Jason Gorder)

Cole Cash is in New Orleans hearing alien voices in his head, with the cops and government ops on his trail. 


Blackhawks #2


BLACKHAWKS #2  (Writer: Mike Costa, Art: Graham Nolan & Norm Rapmund, Cover: Ken Lashley)

So we do have a Lady Blackhawk, but we don't know yet if she's Zinda Blake.  This one has her own agenda as the high-tech cover ops team risks public exposure as they uncover a vast conspiracy.


Men of War #2


MEN OF WAR #2  (Writer: Ivan Brandon & Jonathan Vankin, Art: Tom Derenick & Phil Winslade, Cover: Viktor Kalvachev)

Frank Rock's grandson leads this military team against a wind-walking supervillainess while Navy SEALS Ice and Tracker have trouble telling friend from foe.


All-Star Western #2


ALL-STAR WESTERN #1  (Writers: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti, Art: Moritat & Jordi Bernet)

Jonah Hex is on the trail of Gotham City's first serial killer, while Lazarus Lane is fighting Wild West zombies.


Deathstroke #2


DEATHSTROKE #2  (Writer: Kyle Higgins, Art: Joe Bennett & Art Thibert, Cover: Simon Bisley)

Slade Wilson is up against an employer trying to welch on the deal, a group of new assassins including a guy named Road Rage, and the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles.




O.M.A.C. #2  (Writer: Dan DiDio & Keith Giffen, Art: Keith Giffen & Scott Koblish)

Brother Eye gives Kevin Kho his marching orders as the One Machine Army Corps, while Sarge Steel and Checkmate try to track him down.  Will Rocker Bonn, The Amazing Man, get him first?


Suicide Squad #2


SUICIDE SQUAD #2  (Writer: Adam Glass, Art: Federico Dellocchio & Ransom Getty, Cover: Ryan Benjamin)

Deadshot, King Shark and Harley Quinn are up against tens of thousands of infected people to find their target, and the team suffers its first fatality.