EA’s Origin Service Offers Mass Effect 3 Buyers Free Weapons

Bribery in artificial canine form!?

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Mass Effect 3

EA will be providing extra Mass Effect 3 content to gamers that buy it specifically through EA’s digital store, Origin. The push for Origin started coming on strong during EA’s E3 press conference; every trailer, every announcement and every presentation ended with an open invitation to head to Origin for more.

Now the company’s had BioWare craft some goodies specifically to entice Mass Effect diehards to buy the next in the series from Origin over places like Steam. The content, seen in small form on the image below, includes a weapon pack with a shotgun, sniper rifle, pistol, SMG and robotic dog. You’ll also see special alternative outfits for Shepard and his crew.

Mass Effect 3 - Collector's Edition

While not taking the game away from any other platforms, which would be downright stupid, EA’s obviously hoping that the addition of unique content will drive users to their online store. The robotic dog…

The worst part about this whole thing? It’s working on me. I’m actually considering buying Mass Effect 3 specifically from Origin for the damn robotic dog. Do you think I like considering that notion? Oh, absolutely not. But it’s there, and I’m definitely mulling over the purchase for a metallic pooch.

I hate myself a little today.

The good news? The dog and these packs are not exclusive to EA's online store. If you really must have the dog, like me, then you can snag the special edition of the game from your retailer. That includes the packs described above and goodies like an art book, a tin, a lithograph and a patch. The catch? It's $79.99. EA's offering the game content as a part of the price of the full game.