The Big List: Louis CK! Realistic Pokemon! Hipster Kitty!

We bring you the links, you bring us the drinks. As soon as internet drink uploading is invented.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

We want to be the very best, like no one ever was. Capturing all these links is our true test, and showing them to you is our cause. This is The Big List!


Gotta Run Away From ‘Em All!

Gallery featuring realistic versions of Pikachu and his pals. Who’s That Pokemon? I don’t care, just keep it the hell away from me.


Louis C.K. *Hearts* Joan Rivers,58516/

In this interview with “Louis” (FX) creator Louis C.K., find out why the sitcom often goes startlingly jokeless and why Louis loves him some Joan Rivers.


Ads For The Zookeeper Are Traveling Backwards Through Time

How else could product placement for the Kevin James / talking animals movie end up in a 2007 episode of “How I Met Your Mother?” I suppose dark magic is another possibility.


Chocolate Printers Are Now A Thing

Best. Toner. Ever.


Hipster Kitty: The Definitive Interview

I knew about this interview with Hipster Kitty before it went mainstream.

Thanks to Asterios Kokkinos, who I took over this column from. Come back next week for more links, whydoncha?


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