The Mitsubishi World’s Most Dangerous Road Challenge

Mitsubishi Motors Takes on Bolivia’s Road of Death With Their Outlander and Outlander Sport Vehicles

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Mitsubishi Motors recently followed up their remarkable five world record-setting achievements performed on a frozen Canadian lake with an even bolder, death-defying trek. The Japanese automaker dispatched a pair of Outlander vehicles to the Southern Hemisphere to navigate what is considered to be the most hazardous stretch of road in the world, the notoriously dangerous Yungas Road in Bolivia – which is better known as the "Death Road" or "Road of Death". The road is reported to claim the lives of some 200 to 300 travelers each year, the victims of its incredibly steep terrain, sheer cliff drop-offs of more than 1,800 feet, and narrow, single-lanes. Mitsubishi’s innovative campaign includes amazing 360 degree views of drives along the treacherous 43 mile dirt road. Check it out below.