DICE Still Working on New Mirror’s Edge

At least that’s what they keep saying...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Mirror's Edge 2 Still Coming

A while back, a few devs at DICE spoke up and said that a Mirror’s Edge sequel was being left on the back-burner for a few larger projects. We assumed then, and still assume now, that folks working on Mirror’s Edge 2 were shifted to Battlefield 3 as DICE and EA work to take down another popular shooter you may or may not have heard of.

Rumors sprung up that suggested that plans for a Mirror’s Edge sequel had been halted and erased entirely. Despite that, developers from DICE continued to reassure fans that something is, in fact, being worked on.

That’s what we have here today. EA's Patrick Söderlund spoke to GameStar in an interview about follow-up Mirror’s Edge content. He explained quickly that the team is not done with the franchise just yet. Destructoid has the quotable:

"We have not abandoned the franchise…And, you know, we are working on something — but I’m not willing to talk more about that."

Have Faith fans (see what I did there?), Mirror’s Edge 2 is apparently still in the works in some way, shape or form. Whether we’ll have to wait until Battlefield 3 is stocked up with map packs and weapon DLC to see the next installment in the highly stylized first-person runner remains to be seen.

Like incredible trackers in the ol’ west, we’ll keep an ear to the ground.