Call of Duty Scammers Caught and Recorded

Or, as the Reddit headline reads, trolled... we like that, too.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Here's the premise… a gamer will message you with an offer to take your Call of Duty player account on the Xbox 360 to the next level (bro). They'll promise to get you to Prestige for the 700th time by hacking the shit out of your opponents.

The real skinny? You're being propositioned by a young teenager, or group of teenagers, who has the full intention of hopping onto your account and taking your money. Sounds great, right?

I know I've been approached by these types of morons before, so seeing that drug out and exposed in such fantastic fashion as you'll find below went a long way to draw a grin on my face from ear to ear.

YouTube user MinnesotaBurns played bait as he sauntered out into a clearing with four other Xbox LIVE "hackers" while they tried to run the scam I briefly described above. Here's how he handles it.

The admission of guilt, the confirmation of juvenile behavior and the flat denial of doing anything wrong all add up to make this video a pure gem. No, it won't stop the waves of "totally leet haxorz" from stepping up and offering to pimp out your Gamertag (I heard you like Prestige).

If you get approached by gamers like these, do yourself a favor and ignore them. Or bait them, record them and submit their heinous actions to Microsoft. Dealer's choice.

Tip of the hat to Reddit. You occupy so much of my free time.