Adam Carolla on The Car Show

We talk to Adam Carolla about his new show on Speed.

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The Car Show - Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla is everywhere, TV, Radio, the web, if there is an audience looking for his brand of humor, he is there. In addition to being a funny guy and emerging master of media, Adam is a car guy. On the web he hosts Carcast and now he heads to Speed to host, The Car Show. Recently Adam answered some of our questions about the upcoming show.


CraveOnline: What’s the format of The Car Show?

Adam Carolla: The format will be guys that are nuts about cars, driving cars, doing crazy things… It's pretty much like, get the right chemistry, get the right people together, get guys that are passionate about cars and let them go at it. It will be a great show and it will be because of the chemistry the guys have together and the passion they guys have for the topic.


CraveOnline: What is your all time favorite car?

Adam Carolla: It shifts and moves a little as you mature. Lamborghini Miura SV is up there for the street car. And for the race car it would have to be a Porsche 917 long tail. In the minivan department, I gotta go Pontiac Aztek. 


CraveOnline: What was your first car?

Adam Carolla: My first car was a motorcycle. A Honda 404, and then I got a Mazda pickup truck, and then I got a Datsun picjup truck, and then I got a Nissan pickup truck, which was the same as the Datsun, it just said Nissan on the tailgate instead of Datsun. At a certain point I got a Datsun Roadster, and then I got a 240z and at some point I started my love affair with the Japanese and they way they manufacture cars, especially the mini pickup trucks. 


CraveOnline: What’s been your favorite episode you have worked on so far? 

Adam Carolla: My favorite episode thus far was us going to the Laguna Seca and doing the vintage race, great track, fun times. Lots of camaraderie, lots of time in a Winnebago getting to know them. Got to go on a 17 mile drive. Just Monterey, historic track. I got to get out and get some laps in, on my Bob Sharp 610 Datsun. Have to say that was probably the funnest one we had. Anytime you can go vintage racing and get someone else to pay for your gas and tires, it's always a good day and a good episode.


The Car Show premieres on Wednesday, July 13th at 10PM ET on Speed.